Patient Information

Medical Records

Your medical records are available for discussion with you at any time

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates for pregnancy or time off work due to surgery will be provided to you as requested. It is preferable that these are done at the time of consultation and as such reception staff will prepare these upon request at your time of arrival for your appointment.

Patient Privacy Policy

In the provision of quality health care, it is essential that there is adequate communication between the health care professional and the person seeking health care. A good patient – doctor relationship is based on trust and confidentiality. Patients personal information is handled in accordance with our privacy policy and in compliance with privacy legislation.

Our privacy policy informs you:

  • Why and how your information is collected
  • Who your information may be disclosed too
  • Where your consent is required to collect or disclose your information
  • Of your right to access your information
  • That you may discuss any issues you have about the way your information is handled

Your Rights

As a patient of Dr Ron Chang you are entitled to expect:

  • An environment that provides obstetric, gynaecology and infertility care, diagnosis and treatment in a manner that meets recognised standards and practices
  • Awareness of your needs as an individual to be treated with dignity, empathy, and respect for your beleifs and practices
  • Respect for your personal privacy and confidentiality of your personal information except where authorised by you or mandated by law
  • A clear understanding of your care plan, diagnosis and proposed treatments, including possible risks, expected outcomes, possible side effects, and likely costs as part of informed consent
  • The right to withdraw consent for a treatment up until the actual time of the treatment
  • The right to request infomation in writing and copies of any written consent
  • The right to access your personal information
  • The right to lodge a complaint
  • The right to bring a medical interpreter should you require one

Your Responsibilities

As a patient of Dr Ron Chang it is your responsibilty to:

  • Provide Dr Chang and practice staff, to the best of your knowledge, with accurate and personal details, complete information on past and present medical history and treatments received, and details of any current medication you are taking
  • Ensure that you have, from Dr Chang and practice staff, a full understanding of your diagnosis, any proposed treatments, and the likely cost of the proposed treatments
  • Provide Dr Chang with written consent for any proposed treatments
  • Follow all medical and nursing directions given to you and to report any unexpected side effects

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